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11m Cubical Quad Antenna

Written by M6GFT ::: QRZ Page-

Following on from my inverted V and pikey Skypper efforts, I have got the antenna building bug good and proper.
I was going to call this the Pikey Quad, but I have decided that instead of doing this as cheaply as I possibly could (as I did with the skypper), I would just spend that little extra to ensure it can be built in such a way that yes, is much cheaper than buying one, but also that it works properly as as well as it can do.
A good friend took me to ‘anchor supplies’ in nottingham last saturday. This is a huge army surplus supply store, sells allsorts. They advertised (on the website) some used army glassfibre interlocking tent poles, £15 for 25 poles, or £7.50 for 10.
I sorted out 35 decent ones, and went to pay. The lady said she didnt know the prices so would phone up, which resulted in a total price of £12.50:dance:
Not sure if she counted them wrong (or not at all), as I was looking round the isles at other stuff. but I think thats a result.
Had some aluminium tent poles in the shed, which just happen to interlock with the fibreglass ones, so might use some of each yet not 100% sure.
Went to knights and got 25m of 14swg antenna wire, and a proper dipole middle with so239 :thumb: (gotta be better than a tupperware container lol).
So, I now need the boom, and other bits to connect the spacers to the boom, I best get designing quick.
Mark DX, if you read this, could you PM me some details please of yours if thats ok. Also not 100% sure yet if the reflector loop needs the ends connected together or a spacer ? If anyone knows please pass me the info thanks as I can’t seem to find that online.

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