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Binatone 950 PMR446 Review

Binatone Action 950 PMR446 Two Way Radio

Radio Specifications & Features

• Power Output 0.5w
• 8 Channels
• 38 CTCSS codes for each channel
• 83 DCS Sub Channels
• Dual Watch
• Up to 10km range
• LCD backlit display
• Full Frequency display
• Vibrate
• On/OFF Twist Knob
• 15 call tones
• Charging pods
• Low battery indicator
• Keypad lock
• Belt clip
• Volume control
• Scan function
• DCS & CTCSS Scan
• Call alert tone
• Channel lock
• Mains charger
• Stopwatch
• Headsets port
• Easy-hold grip
• Voice activated operation
• Signal RX/TX indication
• Roger Beep selectable
• Call timer

Personal Ratings
Build Quality 9/10
Audio Quality 9.5/10
Design Quality 9.5/10
TX Quality 1mile 10/10
RX Quality 1mile 10/10
Features 10/10

The Review

After reading a few short reviews on these radios i decided to buy a set and write a quite detailed review to give people a better idea of their performance, here is what i found.

When i unpacked the handsets i got quite excited because they immediately say “Professional” to you and compared to Binatones other efforts they certainly are. I switched the radios on after a full charge for the first time. Using the top mounted On/Off switch which has a very nice sounding click to it and the radios powered up, They have the full frequency displayed on the orange backlit LCD display which looks quite striking.

First i tried close distance comms and was not disappointed with the performance, from a distance of 200 meters in a built up area they excelled with great quality audio on both RX and TX. Next i tried the handsets at a distance of 1 mile in a built up area and again they made contact easily with no background static or crackle. With such good performance i wanted to go for a long range contact so my brother and I went on the moors with no buildings, trees or hills, just flat moorland.

At a distance of 3 miles with no obstructions they made immediate contact, they performed equally the same at both 5 miles and 7 miles with no obstacles in the way. We decided to try 10 miles but this time there was a slight hill between us, I called on the handset and my brother immediately replied but with a small amount of crackle in the RX this time, although i could hear what he was saying with no trouble at all.

The handsets are the most “feature packed” handsets i have seen on PMR446 without being classed as a “Professional Handset” but they could quite easily be classed as such. The look and feel of the radios are superior compared to other PMRs of their price range and defiantly the best handsets that Binatone have ever made in my opinion. They charge fully in about 5 hours using the provided charge cradle or using a battery charger they are fully charged in about 90 minutes. The battery life is great and do last a full day with lots of use so thats another plus.

The only downside i can state is the red line on the front of the radios, it has a light built in which lights up on RX. It works fine but i would prefer them without it so it’s really just a cosmetical moan .

So overall these radios do perform well, very well and they do look the part! Packed with features these radios are ones to be considered if your looking for a set that will perform as well as the Intek 5050’s but are half the price and in my opinion are more professional looking that the 5050’s. These radios even out performed 2 Intek H520 Handheld CB’s at 6 miles distance using the standard intek antenna’s in open ground!

Thanks for reading my review, any questions or comments are welcome and this review may be used on other forums providing there is a link to the original source where the review comes from.

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