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Homemade CB Antennas Mega List

Source by 19SD348 & 30DA016 contains information on several antenna types and also dimensions for 11m.
The ultimate guide to 11 meter CB antennas. Information on verticals, Yagis, Quads and general info related to antennas.
Twin-lead folded dipole by 21AT116 Chris
Bazooka for 11m by 14AT291 Christophe
Easy to build Deltaloop for 27.555MHz (11m) by DL5DBM
2 element Quad for frequency 27.000 MHz by Arnie Coro
2 element HB9CV by 21AT333
More antennas for 11 meter by 21AT333. (Look at the bottom of the page.)
4 element Yagi for 27.305 MHz
Super Squad (in Italian)
4 element Yagi
2 element delta loop for 11m (in Italian)
Double Zepp for 11m (in Italian)
Vertical antenna and a 3 element Yagi by Jouko Haikala
There is lots of info on dipoles on the Internet. Here is yet another half-wave dipole building instruction by 56FL114 Pete that we added to our site.
Moxon antenna plan for 27 MHz CB and freeband operation
Wire J-pole antenna for 27 MHz (in German)
Stretched loop antenna which can be fed directly with 50Ω coaxial cable. (in Finnish)
Skypper by 14LV108
Antena vertical para 27 MHz (in Spanish)
This page contains several antenna designs for 11 meter including GP, 3 & 4 element Yagi and a 2×5/8 dipole. (in Czech)
158KP911 Leon’s site. Contains dimensions for a 3 element yagi and a 4 element LFA Yagi for 11 meters. There is also instructions for gamma match construction and pictures of a J-pole built for 11m from tube.
43AX101’s instructions for building a two element cubical Quad for eleven meters
43AX101’s instructions for building a two element helical beam for eleven meters
Homemade 2 element Yagi by 31TM001 Miguel on Transmission1 forums
Homemade 4 element Quad by 3DA012 Roger on Delta-Alfa website
My Quad Project: A 2 Element Cubical Quad for the 10/11 Meter Band by N1UUE
4 Element Spiderbeam for 27 MHz by 1TA157
Some info on dipole, ¼-wave GP and delta loop construction on Mountain Thunder CB Radio groups site.
Bazooka antenna (in German) – Contains dimensions for several bands, including 11 meters
Magnetic loop antenna for 27-28 MHz (in French)
Building instructions for “EH-Star”-antenna for 11m band (in German)
Building instructions for J-antenna for 10m band (in German) – As it’s for 10m band you might need to adjust the dimensions for 11m use.
Building instructions for CB radio J-pole antenna including a video (40 min.) of the construction by Paul D. Tadlock
Antena ‘J Pole’ para 27 MHz – Another J-pole for 11m band (in Spanish)
And yet another J-Pole for 11 meter – This one is made with 450 ohm ladder line as the bottom section.
Building instruction for a 5/8-wave antenna in Croatian
11m Band Extended Double Zeppelin ‘Zepp’ (EDZ) antenna centred at 27.500 MHz
11m Band J-Pole antenna centred at 27.500 MHz

Online Antenna Calculators
C-pole antenna calculator
Delta loop calculator 26-30 MHz
Slim Jim antenna calculator
Quad antenna calculator
Building instructions for a 4 element Quad antenna including the N6ACH QUAD antenna calculator.
Dipole calculator on Whiskey Fox DX group’s site
Bazooka calculator by DO5MHC

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