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Beware of Royal Mail

I sold a few items recently, all great condition and all in superb working order. I sent via Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded Delivery. here is the result of sending an item via this service.

The radio was bubble wrapped, cushioned with plastic bags, boxed, another layer of bubble wrap and then wrapped in parcel paper and secured with quality tape. I’d advise anyone using any Royal Mail postal service to think twice before sending anything fragile in the post. This radio is a sturdy unit and must have been thrown, kicked, shot from a cannon and ran over by a tank to be damaged like this.

The screen is cracked, the tone knobs are bent and there are loose components inside the radio. These are the pictures the buyer sent me. I will be contacting Royal Mail and complaining as it’s totally unacceptable, especially for the price we pay to use the service.

I will keep you updated.

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  1. Looks like an Icom I received via RM at the beginning of the years. The sender had boxed it well, but left a crucial area insufficiently protected with foam and stout cardboard.
    Guess which area a fork truck tine (or some similar implement) found?
    They employ some right morons, but the only thing to do is package to be moron-proof.

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