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mindland cb m-5CB

Coming Soon!! Midland M-5 CB

June 14, 2017 Admin 0

And yep it’s a Nanfone! Fiasco of the Midland Mini still fresh in the minds of those that bought it and it was inferior comes another Nanfone!! Thank you Thank you Helmut for your kindness to let me know about and let’s hope it is more reliable than the first radio from Nanfone. Cost will be around €139.95 And the original below: Midland were not interested in customer feedback around the Midland Mini. I’ve 3 Midland Mini complete with Bluetooth accessories. They offered return the microphone and adapter! But the radio that was a BETA tester radio nothing. It’ll take someone brave to try this radio after the failure of the Midland M Mini BETA Edition. Once more my sincere thanks to Helmut B. Incredibly kind to let us all know All Rights Reserved (c)  Full and clear credit is given to simonthewizard and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Widgets