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Stealth Loop Antenna By 108CT054

June 14, 2017 Admin 0

I’ve always been keen on making aerials and such, mainly wire contraptions and must have dozens of dipoles, vertical offerings and random wires in various states of use and non use scattered about the house here. One thing I hadn’t tried, until recently, was a loop antenna so decided to give it a go in the good old ‘sling it up where you can’ fashion. I didn’t have enough fishing poles to use so instead opted to just lay it on and over the house roof to see if it would be anyways useful. It is basically about 50 odd metres of galvanised electric fence wire (similar to bicycle brake wire)- around the roof, through the window frame,straight into a 4:1 unun and a two foot patch lead into the radio. The ATU in the radio handles the rest pretty much. This is about the peak of my Microsoft Paint skills but it gives an idea of the layout. I thought initially that it might tune 40 metres and up only given it’s physical size but the ATU in the radio seems to like it and tunes on 80m and top band too. I shudder to think how much strain is on it though and only use it down to 40m. Maybe I worry too much? I would love to know what the radiation pattern looks like! The bonus of the roofloop is that it is almost invisible unless the sun happens to be at right angles to it so it fits the bill as a stealth antenna which is good. Results are pretty good bearing in mind the simplicity and the less than ideal setting of the thing. I’ve managed to bag a chunk of Europe and into Asiatic Russia since it went up. I mainly work QRP and rarely go above 20w unless I’m hungry. I occasionally put the WSPRLite through it too and have been spotted regularly in France, Germany, Hungary, Southern Italy and Scandinavia etc on 20m firing just 100mW. A measly tenth of a Watt!! It is quite noisy on 160 and 80 but the noise is about 2 s-points down on 40m compared to a dipole. This improves further on the higher bands. My next tweak might be to elevate it a few inches above the slates along the bottom at both sides to see what effect it has. This will raise the whole […]