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grant mk1

President Grant MK1 Refurb

June 17, 2017 Admin 0

I bought this Grant Mk1 the other day of a buddy, It is fully worjking and the PCB is in decent condition, Its had some work but no ‘ Lifted tracks’ i hate lifted tracks, were someone uses a to higher wattage iron for soldering or they keep the iron on the track to long burning the resin that holds the copper down and the track lifts…. So no lifted tracks.. The PCB is dirty, Looks like the Final transistor ( 2sc2313 ) has been replaced same for the Driver ( 2sc2166)…. This radio originally would have had twin finals.. a pair of 2sc2312’s in it, And capable of a easy 25 watts on SSB… so one has been removed.. for whatever reason and the circuitry altered to make the single 2312 run properly.. I may put it back to dual finals, But as i intend to run a amp anyway its not really a problem.. The radio has been moded for the UK 40 on a eprom.. And not a bad job, Its neat enough…. Although its on a seperate push button and not on the band switch… I may re-mod it so the radio covers the four bands on the band switch.. and put the push button back to standard… It also has the 10 khz up-shift ( Alphas ) fitted … This is done by jumping a pin on the Binary adder ( 4008)…. My other mods planed are a Superstar counter … Put a course tune and keep the fine as it is, Same as the one on the Cobra 148..So i can get the Zero’s…. Ive also a small vogad chip here and im toying with fitting it inside the grant.. The vogad chip is a Speech proccessor… Im also looking to add fully variable power opn all modes.. But i may just put it on a push switch.. say 5 and 10 reduce the drive to my amp when mobile.. The front is the main reason of this posting, Its bare….. No paint and no lettering, I was thinking of doing it black, Ive a few black knobs for Presidents here.. but no channel selector knob in black…… So this has made me put the black on hold for now.. Its got the original chrome knobs and there in decent enough condition so Im thinking Silver, The original colour is proberbly the best […]